What’s Making Me Happy – 17th May 2016

Hello loyal readers! And welcome to What’s Making Me Happy! The supposedly-weekly-but-somewhat-more-sporadic glimpse into what’s filling me with joy right now. Inspired by Linda Holmes and the other NPR bunnies at the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast (go and subscribe, it’s aces!).

First up this week (((SPOILER ALERT))) Game of Thrones, and more specifically, the ship-ship-shurray moment when Tormund the Wilding and Brienne of Tarth locked eyes over a hunk of bread and bad ale. It was glorious.


He may be wild, but he’s a man of honour, and she’s a lady with a wild streak – what could possibly go wrong??? I want them hunting together, riding horses together, and then making love to one another on a bear-skin rug before a raging fire. Just please, my tall babies, please don’t get married. This is Westeros after all…

The second thing bringing me buckets of joy this week is the game Monument Valley. I’m pretty late to this particular party – apparently everybody else was talking about it two years ago??? But anyway, I discovered it, and I fell in love. It is such a beautiful, special piece of work. The only drawback being that I finished the entire thing within 24 hours and was left bereft afterwards. Other games claim to be like Monument Valley, but so far I’ve found nothing quite like it. All you do is lead a little princess through a maze of optical illusions. There’s no timer, no points system, and no rush. Tranquil, simple slow-gaming. Each level a joy to behold. Look upon these sublime screenshots, and download immediately…
IMG_0365 (1) IMG_0367 (1) IMG_0363 IMG_0366

Finally this week, let us say a grand Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II. Whereas this is a very special, happy thing, what has given me particular joy this week is discovering that there exists, for exceptional ceremonial reasons, a Regimental Goat. He is a very important Regimental Goat, and I say that he should be paraded around more often, not just at 90th birthday celebrations. I salute you, oh goat of the regiment!

Regimental Goat 1

This is the Queen meeting the regimental goat in 2008. Apparently there’s a different goat now.

Regimental Goat 2

Cheeky regimental goat!

That’s it for this time folks! Why don’t you let me know what’s making you happy? Let’s share the love, and make the world a little more joyful as we go.

Hugs and high-fives,