My Reading in 2014 – ANALYSED

A couple of weeks ago I went to an event at Waterstones Piccadilly, to hear E Lockhart answer questions about her books (I’m a huge fan of We Were Liars), interviewed by Anna James from The Bookseller. One of the questions asked was regarding how many girls vs boys read male or female authors, which got me wondering, what percentage of male and female authors do I read? At the time I struggled to think of many male authors I had read in 2014, whilst loads of female ones jumped out at me. So, inspired by this thought process, I’ve decided to analyse my reading from 2014!

First off, I’m not going to list the books I’ve read. You can go to my Goodreads account and have a look at everything there (I’m pretty open about what I read). What I want to present to you here are the stats:

Number of books read in 2014: 63

Average length of time taken to read a book: 7 days

Whilst I’d say that I can read quickly, some books took longer to read if I was busy writing my own book, plus the average number was brought up significantly by the short story collections and non-fiction that I purposely read slowly. However, I do want to improve on this number in 2015!

  • 52% Female
  • 48% Male

This has been a massive surprise – I thought I had read far more women than men in 2014! However, the vast majority of graphic novels I read were created by men, so I think this is what forced the percentage up. 

  • Non-Fiction: 17%
  • Adult Fiction: 25%
  • YA: 30%
  • Graphic Novels: 27%

I quite like these stats. A quarter of my reading in 2014 was adult fiction, a third YA, and another quarter graphic novels. I thought I had read more non-fic, but a lot of my non-fic reading hasn’t been recorded (I read Vanity Fair regularly and a lot of long-form journalism online). 

New Books read: 76%

Just over three quarters of the books I read in 2014 were new books (meaning published within the past year). This I mostly put down to Netgalley.

  • E-reader: 56%
  • Book: 44%

Over half the books I read in 2014 were on my kindle device. It doesn’t feel like that to me… maybe because I read the majority of the kindle books in the first half of the year. I read far more ‘physical books’ in the second half. Also note, that I have the Marvel Unlimited app on my iPad, which meant that a large quantity of my graphic novel reading was done on my e-reading device.

Aims for 2015

  1. To read more books! I read nearly 100 books in 2013, and am a little disappointed that my reading rate has fallen so drastically. I put this down to working from home and no longer having a commute, plus being a little too absorbed in my own writing to be able to read as much.
  2. I need to read more quickly! I feel rather ashamed at my 7 days figure. I know that I can read quicker than this, but this year there were a number of books I really struggled with.
  3. I’m pretty pleased with the percentages of books I’m reading, but I’d like to find more graphic novels by female creators, and maybe up my non-fiction reading slightly.
  4. Although I am proud that I read so many new books, I’d like to read some that are over a year old (and older!). The number of classics (modern or otherwise) I’ve read is shameful, and can be worked on.
  5. I’d love to be more thorough about the genres I’m reading and break-down my YA and my adult groups to see how much romance, sci-fi or fantasy I’ve been reading, but I don’t think there’s enough data to really look at this properly. Also, I haven’t quite worked out how to use Apple Numbers to my advantage. Hopefully next year I’ll have a better handle on pie charts etc to be able to look into this further!