School Visits

Hey, would you like me to come and visit your secondary school?!?!?

I love getting out and about, and chatting about writing and reading. I offer a variety of talks and workshops, and can tailor my events to different age and ability ranges. I’m comfortable chatting to small groups, classes or even whole assemblies!

Please get in touch using this form, and I’ll email you an information pack, after which we can discuss rates and availability.

“Nicole’s visit to Corby Business Academy was a great success.  She’s that glorious mix of relaxed and easy going with the librarian, and instant hit with students.  Her honesty and enthusiasm were infectious and our students were entranced by her.  Her patience and willingness to talk to each reader whilst signing, made them all feel very special and excited to read her book.  I fully recommend her as a visiting author to any school – in fact, I’m jealous of anybody booking her!”

Amy McKay, Librarian, Corby Business Academy

“We really enjoyed Nicole’s visit to our school.  She has that wonderful ability to be able to talk non-stop and keep the students totally engaged, whether she’s arguing the case for her favourite super-hero or describing the diverse jobs she has done.  It’s great to hear from a published author that the way to be successful in creative writing,  other academic lessons and indeed, life, is to read, read, read.  And that the more you read, the better you get.  With any luck, some of her enthusiasm will have rubbed off!  We’d highly recommend a visit from Nicole”

Gill Ward, Librarian, Fortismere School in Haringey, North London