Introducing Batgirl!

I make no secret of staying away from DC comics. For a variety of reasons, I just feel more attuned to the Marvel Universe, and broaching an entirely different (and competing!) universe was always far too daunting. Then I saw this post about the Batgirl redesign, and basically, I knew I needed to get involved in that.

I mean, look how great the first issue of the redesign is:

IMG_3787Batgirl looks SWEEEEEET!!!

If, like me, you’re a little new to DC, or to the comics world in general, then don’t be put off by this being issue 35. It’s a brand new creative team and a great place to start. All the DC comics started back at issue 1 a few years ago, as part of a reboot known as the New 52. So this is issue 35 in that new run, and even though I did feel a little left out in places, I wasn’t overwhelmed by my lack of bat-knowledge.

The basics is this: remember Police Commissioner Gordon? The one with the moustache and access to the bat signal (currently being played by Ryan from the OC in Gotham)? Well this is his daughter, Barbara! She’s got a photographic memory, the drive to do-good, and some pretty nifty sewing skills. She’s also doing her PhD at Gotham university and has a really fun roommate.

In this issue, our Babs gets a little drunk and has to go get coffee with a hangover, which is made extra annoying by some guy stealing another guy’s laptop right in front of her.

IMG_3788Seriously? Now? *SIGH* Okay. I’ve been there girl. I’ve got you.


Oh Babs, heaving like a chunder-bus has only made me love you more! Mostly because you don’t let it get in the way of your good work. Defeat the baddies first, vom your guts out second.

What follows is a descent to the dark world of online dating, private data, and this dude:

IMG_3796EUGH, right?

But have no fear, our Babs saves the day. No spoilers, but lets just say that maybe QR codes aren’t quite as bad as we all think they are.

A quick glance at issue 36 (or the second issue in this fantastic new run) sees Babs confronting a couple of cosplay twins from your nightmares:

IMG_3791Also, it features a cool kawaii shop called Robot Pony:


Plus we get to see Babs do her best #FeministHackerBarbie impression:

IMG_3792So, in conclusion, Batgirl is SUCH FUN. She’s sweet, geeky and goofy, I adore her, and want to see her go on many, many adventures. If you’re looking for a way into the DC universe, plus want to show your allegiance to the many awesome ladies in the superhero multiverse, then this is a great place to start.